Thursday, 22 July 2010

Site number 4, finally made the Loire Valley.

Well, I've just arrived at site number 4, which is a small place called "Le Chant D'Oiseau" Just outside the small French village of "Mouliherne" about 70km south of Le Mans.
This small but perfectly formed site is run by an English couple called Stu & Syb, who have been very kind & welcoming, & even bought me a cup of coffee whilst I set up camp.
I'm booked in here for 4 nights & have also agreed to do some electrical work for them, in return for some good hospitality.
It took me ages to find the place, I spent a long time driving around, burning up valuable fuel resources, which I can ill-afford. I would happily recommend this site to anybody, they also have Gites (like challets) & I believe they do B&B as well. The only recommendation I would make to anyone wishing to stay here is to get some proper directions, or stop in town & ask someone, don't do what I did & drive around getting lost for hours (entirely my own fault).

The budget is fast disappearing, I took out roughly half my spending money before I left, that's now almost spent. Most of it has gone on fuel, so I'm going to make an effort to stop using the car unless it's absolutely necessary, & try my best to find a few nights free camping, which may be possible at my next stop, we will see.

Anyway, I've already written a small bit about myself, & I aim to post this in the next few days, wouldn't want to use up all my material at once would I?

So, until the next time.......

P.S. Pics to follow shortly, I will try & get some of myself as well.


  1. You are not the only one unable to find Le Chant. We spent a couple of annoying and wasteful hours looking for it. What a waste of life when all one needs is a few signs!

    Enjoying reading your blog, wish I was back in France.

  2. Annoying was a massive understatement when I was lost round those lanes, I still blame myself for not asking someone though, but yes, some more or bigger signs would be helpful. It's so nice once you get there though, all that tends to be forgotten.