Saturday, 24 July 2010

Never mind the car, what about me?!!

Ah well, here goes. I wrote this a few nights ago, when I was on the lonely campsite, with nothing better to do, I'm not going to re-read it, I will just post it & you can make of it what you will, happy reading.

So, what about me?.....
Well, it all started on a wednesday afternoon, wednesday the 4th of July 1979 at 3:20pm to be exact, when the first of a pair of twin boys was born, to be named Matthew, congratulations, it's a boy, & so was the next one, my brother Ian (hi Ian!)
During my childhood we went on camping holidays, at first in a “Nimrod” trailer tent, then in an antique Sprite Major caravan, later on in my early teens we had a slightly newer Sprite Musketeer caravan, & my brother & I both had various tents. We were lucky enough to spend much of our growing up in the country-side, where we could simply cycle up to the South Downs close to our home village of Ringmer, in East Sussex, & camp out for the night.
Both my twin brother, Ian, & me were interested in anything mechanical, & we soon got into collecting vintage stationary engines & associated equipment, this included things like world war 2 generating sets, pumping engines & the like, which we used to show at vintage steam fairs, with our parents & the caravan. My dad was a mechanic all the time we were growing up, & his interest in vintage & classic motorbikes got us keenly involved in all things mechanical.
I also have an older brother & sister (hi Martin & Jane), & whilst neither of them has been interested in the mechanical or camping side of things, they have still remained supportive nonetheless, & apart from the odd family argument (usually started by my sister winding one of us boys up!) we've all got along pretty well as a family, my parents are still together, which is also becoming something of a rarity these days.
So, back to me. I'm now a 31 year old man, who still believes he's somewhere in his 20's. My life has had its' ups & downs, as has everybody's. I'm not going to go into too much detail here, the people who are most important to me will know all about my struggles. I'm currently off work due to long term illness, which could easily be considered as “self induced”, but an illness nonetheless, which requires a period of recovery, which is currently where I'm at with that.
I'm also in a minority where my sexual preferences lie, I hate the term but I suppose I would have to classify myself as gay, which is strange when I consider my general appearance & the things I'm in to, like fixing cars & working on building sites etc, but it's not something that dominates my life, & should be of no consequence to the people I meet. Although I have been single for over 5 years now, but what the fuck does that say!
So, I mentioned above that I work on building sites, well I did work on sites, I'm a qualified electrician, & a very good one by all accounts. It's been an interest of mine since childhood, but I haven't traded properly for a couple of years now. A part of me feels like a change in career, which is why I have lately been engaged in some voluntary work with Bristol city council, linked with drug & alcohol addiction services & mental health, I'm still unsure weather or not this is a true career path for me or just something to fill the time??? We will see, no doubt.
So, here I am, on a deserted site near Alencon in France, on a beautiful summers evening, watching the sun go down, listening to the French version of Virgin Radio. I've been on this site all day! I've decided I'm spending my budget far too quickly, & at this rate I will run out of money somewhere in week 4, but my return ferry is booked at the end of week 5, so I figured a few days of taking it easy, on site, wouldn't do any harm. It's been nice really. I didn't feel much like doing anything today anyway. Let's just hope I find a wifi connection soon, so I can upload this before I change my mind & edit the fuck out of it!

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