Friday, 23 July 2010

Bit cooler today, only 28 degrees in the shade!

Well, here I am, at Le Chant, another lazy day spent on site, saving fuel. Another load of washing done & on the line, & another plate of tinned ham, eggs & chips made from tinned potatoes for lunch.
Another camper here went out this morning to a local market in a small town. He came back with the usual stories of stall-holders attempting to sell him a small piece of cheese for 35€ (woo hoo, I found the euro symbol!) I've heard it all before on the camping forums. I also seem to have started a rather contentious thread on UKcampsite about the lack of customers on the small municipal sites here in France. It seems a shame that the last one I stayed at will probably be forced to close, & the reasons for this are broad & varied, some say it's all the people in motor homes, camping for free in the aires, others say it's the autoroutes bypassing all the small local villages, I'm not too interested in the reasons, I just think it's a bit sad, although it was very peaceful at that last one.
Anyway, back to me & my trip. I think I'm turning into a bit of a softie. I must be getting used to the heat, I always tell people I don't feel the cold, & have also denied the need for heaters in tents during the summer, but just lately, after the sun goes down, I've been really feeling the cold. The last site I was at I slept in my clothes, with various valuables in my sleeping bag & various weapons nearby (I was all on my own remember), despite this I was actually cold! Now, my bed is a "ReadyBed" from argos, it's a blow-up mattress with a fitted sleeping bag, & it's a double (hopeful, I know), the sleeping bag part is quite thin, but then I suppose it's meant to have 2 people in it. I also carry a single, rather old & rather cheap sleeping bag, & at one point I actually took it off the top of my bed (it was being used as an extra blanket), zipped it up & got inside it, then got inside the ReadyBed! & I was still cold! In the morning though, the sun hit the tent & I thought I was in a sauna! Some people are never happy! Anyway, I hereby apologise to anyone I may have mocked for asking questions about heaters in tents for summer nights. I'm not saying I want a heater, just some warmer bedding, (or something warm in my bed!). I've even taken to putting on a shirt, or thin jumper, in the evenings when the sun goes down, god knows what I'll be like when I get back to the UK?

Well, I'm getting fed up with chasing the wasps away now, so I will leave you with some sexy pics of my car, taken last night just as the sun was going down, enjoy....

Ooooh, SEXY!!!

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