Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally, I'm leaving the Dordogne

Well,I phoned my English contact, I actually ended up getting on with him quite well, I gave him a hand a few times, packing up canoes in the evenings, & he gave me some petrol money & bought me dinner & a few drinks. The consensus of opinion is that I would be better coming over in the early spring time, preferably with some money, & take on a job in order to build up some contacts. He was lucky enough to have family over here, so he stayed with them until he got on his feet, which is a luxury I don't have. Who knows what'll happen between now & the spring, time alone will tell, I guess.

Anyway, it's now friday, the 13th, of august & I'm very quickly running out of time, & money. My ferry sails from Dunkirk at 04:00am on wednesday the 17th, & to put it bluntly "I'm a fucking long way away!" I've still got a feeling the intermarche petrol pump has yet to release my 100€, but this will soon be confirmed with a quick look at my bank balance on line, the cash points over here don't let you do anything but take out cash, so I've no idea what's in each of my accounts, but I know it 'aint much!

So, I've left it very late but I'm now on my way east & slightly north, into the Massife Central, my excuse is I've gotta go where the camp sites are, although this next one is likely to be a one night stop, I've got far too much ground to cover to be staying any longer.

Anyway, I've not got much else to say,except I'm feeling a bit depressed that it's almost over & I've got to return to a country I'm not very fond of. My battery's running a bit low & I've got another 200km of twisty country/mountain roads to go before the next site. I'll have a quick look & see if I can find some good photos of the Dordogne before I sign off & bugger off.....

Here you go, make of them what you will.


  1. Hiya Victoria aka Frome here from UKCS, someone bumped a thread with one of your posts in it and there was this link to your blog, so I've had a good read and what can I say, I told you that readybed was rubbish. Seriously though you've taken adventuring to a whole new level, good for you. See you soon back on UKCS

  2. Thanks Victoria, I'm on the ferry now, it's almost 2:00am local time, the last few days have been such a rush I haven't had time to complete the blog, but I'm going to have a go now, or maybe sleep. Seeing as I left the road atlas in the car it'll probably have to wait.
    Nice to hear from you anyway, the last few stops have been the real adventure, bit rushed though. Keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion, & possibly a little post script on the August bank holiday......
    Cheers, Matt, oops, I mean "nutgone"